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General Promotion Conditions

1.    All GamePoint employees  and their direct family members are excluded from participation in contest/promotions at GamePoint.

2.   You can be excluded of participating in contests / promotions for 3 months after winning a price at GamePoint.

3.    You need to be 18 year or older and in possession of a valid travel document to participate in any contest at GamePoint where you can win a holiday. Travel insurance, pocket money and food are, unless this is agreed differently in writing, for the expense of the winner of the prize. The departure date is determined in consultation with the party that has made the trip available.

4.    A prize won at GamePoint is personal and therefore not transferable.

4.    A prize won at GamePoint cannot be exchanged for or be paid in cash.
GamePoint reserves the right to, when it considers to have legitimate reasons, not to pay out a prize.

6.    The possible due gambling tax will be paid by GamePoint. The winner of the prize does not have to pay gambling tax over the value of the price won afterwards.

7.    The winner(s) of the prize will usually be contacted within 10 workdays after the promotion ends.

8.    When the prize consists of tickets for concerts, festivals, films, sport matches or similar or different kinds of promotions, there can be no claim for any kind of compensation if this promotion is cancelled.

9.    GamePoint is not responsible for possible damage suffered due to winning prizes or damages as a consequence of this. Including, but not limited to  accidents, physical injury or death.

10. GamePoint is not responsible for information incorrectly supplied (prize) information by an advertiser/sponsor.

12. GamePoint is not responsible for possible malfuntion by the postcompanu or other mail or courier companies (for example delay, strike or loss). In the case a price is send by registered mail but can not be handed to the winner of the prize or the partner/person present, and needs to be picked up at a later date by the prize winner (for example at the post office or post agency etc), GamePoint cannot be held responsible if the price is not picked up by the winner, even if there has been no notification or message left by TPG Post or other mail or courier company, or if this notification or message has been lost or if it has been damaged in an unacceptable manner.

13. By participating in the promotions or contests at GamePoint you agree to these promotion conditions. When specific rules are formulated for certain promotions or contests, these will form an addition to the general promotion conditions.

14. GamePoint can change certain parts of these conditions for organisational or juridical/legal reasons without prior announcements or further explanation afterwards.

15. Data of the participants of promotions.

and contests will be saved in the database. If GamePoint wishes to do so it may email participants for personal use or keep them informed over her activities, for example per mail or per free SMS. GamePoint will organise this correspondence herself, in conformity with the applicable laws and regulations. The stored data will not be disclosed to third parties.

16. No correspondence is possible regarding the outcome of promotions or contests. Draws and announcements of winners are final.

17. GamePoint reserves the right to start and cancel online promotions at any random moment without notifications. This may include, but is not limited to Early bird promotions, Double credit promotions and discount promotions.

18. When it is suspected that gift promotion, registration promotions etc are abused, GamePoint can and may withdraw gifts and take appropriate measures.