The lucky 10!

Dear Players,

Besides for all the excitement surrounding the Candy Race we have also been giving 1 lucky winner a brand-new Samsung Tablet for the past 10 days! The last tablet has finally found it’s lucky owner and now we are eager to share the names of the winners!

Please help us in congratulating: selsabilia, witney34, Butterfly250, sasha612, sosotiti, JenniferCorrig, uhroma2010, RINA777, winnikins989, KerstinLeitzke!

Congrats to all the winners! We hope you enjoy playing all your favorite GamePoint games on your brand-new Tablets. Make sure to verify your email address in your GamePoint account so that we can reach out to you for your shipping details and get those Tablets out to you as quickly as possible.

We’d also love to hear from you, so make sure to send us a picture of you and your prize!

Thanks for playing GamePoint games and Happy New Year!

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The Candy Race is coming to an end!

Hey Racers,

Have you reached the finish line of the Candy Race yet? If no, you better hurry, because the race is coming to an end! Make sure to reach that final milestone before January 3rd at 3:00 AM ET to claim your prize!

Congrats to all the players who have already reached the end! Let us know what you think about the Race and make sure to keep your eyes open for upcoming events! We have got loads of exciting things planned for the future!

Thanks for playing and Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

Hurray, another fantastic year lies ahead of us! Your GamePoint Team wishes you a Happy New Year. Let the fireworks fly!

We want to thank you for an amazing year with lots of laughter, fun and excitement and wish you health, happiness and good luck in your favorite game.

Cheers to another great year together!

Play GamePoint Bingo

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Become a Bingo Millionaire!

What would you do with a MILLION Coins? You can find out on Thursday, January 2nd during the Bingo Millionaire round and you can start claiming your cards right now. All cards will be saved and daubed automatically when the Bingo Millionaire round begins. That means you will still have a chance to win, even if you cannot attend the round in person.

As the name suggests, the pot will start at a staggering ONE MILLION Coins, but it’s expected to grow even more with every card purchased!

To give everyone a chance at winning, there will be a FREE Bingo Millionaire card waiting for you in the room. Head over right now to claim your chance of becoming our newest millionaire!

Join the Bingo Millionaire now!

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Race for a Tablet!

The Candy Race is is filled with amazing rewards that you can get just for playing your favorite games! Now we added something special: TABLETS!

Beginning on December 24th and every day until January 2nd, every player who has at least reached level 30 within the Candy Race, is entered in a giveaway to win a FREE Tablet! That means there's 10 opportunities to win so long as you have reached at least level 30!

Start racing towards the TABLET and amazing prizes!

Play GamePoint Bingo!

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Exclusive Christmas Collections!

Happy Holidays everyone! Since the holiday season is all about giving back, we wanted to do something special for our players. So we've released exclusive Christmas Collections in GamePoint Bingo! Enjoy playing for limited-time only Collections and prizes between December 23-26th!

We hope to see you there!

Seasons greetings from your GamePoint team!

Play GamePoint Bingo!

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Ready, set, go!

Starting now until the new year you can earn amazing Coin rewards by participating in the Candy Race. GamePoint will be giving you lots of sweet Candy to help you progress towards amazing rewards. Every game you play also helps you progress in the Candy Race. Naturally there's ways to get bigger amounts of Candy if you want, like playing in a higher stake Bingo room, throwing specific RoyalDice combinations and collecting your free Coins when your timer expires; just to name a few!

Play now to earn those sweet candy and get amazing rewards!

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Daily surprises!

We're counting down to Christmas with amazing gifts for all our GamePoint players!

Make sure to come back every day to see what's waiting for you. It could be anything: Coins, VIP, Bingo Cards, Diamonds: you name it! Is there anything you would love to see these days? Let us know in the comments!

Play GamePoint Bingo!

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GamePoint presents, Live Bingo!

Lights, camera, action!

The cameras are all hooked up, our hosts are making sure they look sharp, the Bingo balls are getting an extra polish and we're gearing up to give you the best show of the year!

Tonight at 7PM ET, your hosts Aida & Nadine will be drawing Bingo balls and calling them out for you LIVE on camera! We're giving out Coins and Memberships for prizes on the card, but that's not all! We're also giving away extra prizes during the show and all you need to do is make sure that you tune in!

Once the first ball is drawn, it's not possible to claim anymore Live Bingo cards. So make sure your card is ready to go! Click here and claim your FREE card

See you during the show!

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EVEN more chances to win!

The Winter Wonder Week has been extended! To celebrate we have a surprise giveaway tonight at 7PM ET. If you missed out on yesterday's MEGA Giveaway or want another chance at prizes, this is the time to win Coins and Memberships.

This year's Live Bingo also features many more prizes to win! By claiming your Live Bingo Card, you're immediately in the running for awesome prizes. Your Live Bingo Card is your ticket to win! Make sure you tune in this Wednesday at 7PM ET for a chance to win:

  • Tablet
  • Airpods
  • GamePoint Goodie Bag

Of course there's also the fan-favorite Live Bingo game where we call out the numbers LIVE for your chance to win Coins and Memberships. If you haven't gotten your Live Bingo Card yet: Click here! Here's everything your need to know about Live Bingo in a neat little list:

  • Claim your FREE Live Bingo Card by clicking here
  • You can print your Live Bingo Card if you want, but your card will be automatically daubed as we call out the numbers live
  • Your card will be daubed even if you're offline
  • The day of the show is Wednesday, December 18th!

Claim your Free Live Bingo Card!

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