Become a Bingo Millionaire!

Become a Bingo Millionaire!
What would you do with a MILLION Coins? You can find out on Thursday, January 2nd during the Bingo Millionaire round and you can start claiming your cards right now. All cards will be saved and daubed automatically when the Bingo Millionaire round begins. That means you will still have a chance to win, even if you cannot attend the round in person.

As the name suggests, the pot will start at a staggering ONE MILLION Coins, but it’s expected to grow even more with every card purchased!

To give everyone a chance at winning, there will be a FREE Bingo Millionaire card waiting for you in the room. Head over right now to claim your chance of becoming our newest millionaire!

Join the Bingo Millionaire now!

OmarVonHeilsig -
i cant believe the same rich won again!you need to reprogram your system.we pay these same people all day.good bye gamepoint ive had enough
Elysium -
winners list?